Task: Create a multi media presentation about The Federation of Australia

Your Presentation should include information on the following:

  • What life was like in the 1880’s
  • Reasons for Federation
  • Key Figures and their role in the lead up to Federation – Henry Parkes
  • Establishing The Australian Constitution
  • Federation Celebrations


  • JEPS Library Links – Webquest Australian Government
  • HSIE notes
  • Parliamentary Education Office Website – Learning – Federal Parliament Time Line – History Link

Multi Media Presentation

You can use any form of multi media program you choose.

Some suggestions are:





You need to include:

  • Detailed information
  • Relevant images

Optional inclusions ( these will attract a higher mark )

  • Music
  • Videos

Your  presentations can include Google Docs, Google Slides, Smore and an oral presentation or speech. The presentations can include your information, images, slideshows and videos. Don’t forget to include a bibliography in your presentation.

There are also some fun games and quizzes for you to do.

You are to use books from the library as well as internet sites. Click on the image below to find a wealth of resources to help you in your task. Look closely at the description of each link as that will make your job of selecting the best link easier. There are even some links for US Government information if you would like to compare our ways of government.